SITE CEM 2.0 Launched

May 15, 2017


May 15, 2017 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of civil engineering design software, recently released the powerful SITE CEM 2.0 for professionals. The software is a flexible and cost-effective analysis and modeling solution for site design projects related to: open excavation, retaining structures, platforms and pads, simple site roads and driveways, pipe networks and so much more.

SITE CEM 2.0 was developed with the needs of engineers, designers, project managers, technicians, planners and architects in mind. The software is a comprehensive site grading tool, easy to use and will advance the civil design to a three-dimensional grading plan.

“At Transoft Solutions, we wanted to give our SITE CEM customers a powerful software that can be easily used to design small and large layouts, while saving them time and staying on budget,” said Hannah Khosravi, Product Manager for SITE CEM software.

Innovative Tools for Site Design
The latest SITE CEM has distinct advantages and up-to-date technology that will save you time on the site design and modelling process by allowing you to:

  • Import survey data or contour information to create a digital terrain model, pipe networks and profile and cut and fill volumes
  • Create and manipulate design pads to envision design geometry as a fully 3D civil engineering model
  • Surface grading to complete a design for drainage, along with surface runoff analysis
  • Complement the ParkCAD software to design parking areas
  • Add essential elements of a civil engineering design as 3D objects like curbs, sidewalks, and retaining walls
  • Exporting a finished surface in Land XML format to use with other software


About Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions, Inc. develops innovative and easy to use software for transportation professionals. Since 1991, civil engineers and technologists, architects, and city planners across federal agencies, State DOTs, airport authorities, cities, ports, and infrastructure consultants have come to rely on Transoft’s field-researched design solutions. Transoft engineers work closely with the world’s leading agencies including AASHTO, ITE, TRB, TAC, Austroads, and CROW to develop highly specialized applications serving over 30,000 users across 120 countries. Transoft Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class customer support through its offices in Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany and India, enabling professionals to design with confidence.