TrafxSAFE: Taking a Proactive Approach to Safety for Vulnerable Road Users

 @ 10:00 am PT

Presenter: Bismarck Ledezma Navarro, Project Manager

Evaluating the safety of intersections for vulnerable users (including pedestrians, cyclists, and those with mobility impairments) is a fundamental approach to reducing traffic fatalities and severe injuries. Ensuring that these road users are considered is an essential step towards equitable mobility for everyone. During this live presentation, we will focus on TrafxSAFE (a video-based safety analytics platform) and apply advanced computer vision to identify mobility-impaired and sub-classes of pedestrians with different needs (such as children or parents with children who maneuver differently than other adults), and analyze conflicts specific to these groups.
This webinar will show you:

  • How identifying and prioritizing high-risk intersections promote the safer movement for vulnerable road users
  • How the advanced technology in TrafxSAFE can identify and classify vulnerable road users at an intersection

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