GuideSIGN Plus


Using GuideSIGN Plus™ provides distinct advantages to your workflow. Take advantage of the latest addition to the GuideSIGN product family which sets a new standard for versatility with the ability to precisely place sign assemblies along a roadway. GuideSIGN Plus has all the features necessary to take care of all of your traffic sign design and planning needs.


See how the features in GuideSIGN Plus compare to other sign design software.

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Sign Design Features and Benefits GuideSIGN
Support of federal sign standards
Drag and drop capability for sign design
Sign designs can be exported to other applications for production
Add in Pavement Marking
Place sign elements precisely using point-to-point object snapping to selected references
Automatically optimize the panel area around sign elements to conform to margin rules
Use custom drafted content like symbols and arrows
Spacing requirements for a given panel can be customized to be any spacing globally  
Flexibility in sign design by allowing spacing in text to deviate from panel styles  
Flexibility in moving sign elements to break from global panel spacing rules when required