A Comprehensive Approach to your Roundabout Design

CAD-based software for Geometry Designs

Designed for all Engineer Levels

You don't have to be an expert to your design roundabouts using TORUS.
TORUS supports different design guidelines to generate and manipulate roundabout geometries.

Choose a Design Guideline and Generate the Roundabout

TORUS supports the following North American design guidelines:
  • NCHRP Report 672
  • FHWA Roundabouts: an Informational Guide
  • TAC 2017 Canadian Roundabout Design Guide

Tools for Analyzing Roundabout Safety & Performance

TORUS generates initial geometry based on design standards and provides real-time feedback on speed analysis(fastest path analysis), vehicle movement checks and sight line analysis. Then adjust your design instantly without any manual calculations or re-drafting. See a full list of tools here.