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Fast-track the steps you need to boost your productivity for Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA).

Discover the new and improved tools OTISS Pro has to help you quantify traffic impact and evaluate intersection turning movement volumes on a proposed development project.

Whether you’re working on a simple or a complex project, OTISS PRO can help with the essentials of your analysis process, including:

  • Trip generation
  • Trip distribution
  • Trip assignment
  • Turning movement volumes

Your workflow becomes a breeze compared to the Excel spreadsheet method.

See below for an in-depth overview of the features you can utilize!

Please note – OTISS PRO is an add-on app. You will need an ITETripGEN web account to be able to access and use it.

What's New in OTISS Pro
Come learn about all the new features in the latest OTISS release. New additions include person and multi-modal trip generation, network analysis and automatic trip distribution and assignment provide even greater functionality.
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Trip Generation

Simplify your process of estimating the amount of traffic a proposed development will have once it is built and operating. Choose to apply Internal capture, multi-modal adjustments and trip reductions.

Network Configuration

Setup your transportation network around the development site with existing traffic data. Define streets and intersections, input existing traffic volumes and choose horizon years and growth factors.

Trip Distribution

Assign and distribute site generated trips to each driveway by defining the percentage manually or automatically distribute evenly.

Trip Assignment

Create and visualize multiple routes to represent origin and destination of the trips on the network. With automated pass-by trip assignment and more.

Turning Movement Volumes (TMV)

Display turning movements for a variety of scenarios: existing, background, site generated, pass-by and build-out traffic.

Export Reports

Export all or selected report data to a nicely formatted .xls or .csv. Synchro®integration allows easy import with the lane configuration, intersection types and estimated TMV.

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Platform Compatibility

Supported Browsers
Subscription to ITETripGen Web-based App required
Google Chrome version 85 or later
Mozilla Firefox version 80 or later
Microsoft Windows® Edge version 85 or later
Previous versions of these browsers or other web browsers not listed above may experience not optimal conditions
System Requirements
Full support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems
Workstation: Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
Languages Available