TrafxSAFE Announcement: Calibrate Platform Updates & Improvements

Mar 16, 2022

At Transoft Solutions, we are constantly updating and improving our software to give our customers the best user experience possible.

We are pleased to announce a software update to the calibrate platform of TrafxSAFE that greatly enhances functionality and usability.

Major highlights of this release include:

  1. Updated user interface to match visual consistency with main platform.
  2. New automatic camera movement detection system:
    • System now scans each video file against other video files to determine if the camera moved or not.
    • If the movement was detected and confirmed by the user, the platform will guide the user to update the necessary changes to the calibration for those sequences and will automatically handle the rest.
  3. New automatic video stabilization feature:
    • For video recordings that have small and frequent movements (i.e., Shaking and swaying of camera), the system will automatically attempt to stabilize the video.
    • One of the leading causes of false positives is shaky video – this new update is aimed at reducing this occurrence.
  4. Improved video upload process:
    • New and improved recording timeline feature for better recording start time management.