Transoft forms training partnership with York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering

Oct 30, 2017

Transoft Solutions is proving its commitment to help educate the next generation of transportation professionals through a new training partnership with York University in Ontario.

Transoft’s flagship AutoTURN product is used by a majority of North American departments of transportation to check space allocations for vehicles as they conduct turning maneuvers. The Richmond, B.C.-based company also has cutting-edge software utilized in intersection design, roundabouts, roadway signage and traffic analysis.

In August York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering agreed to purchase 30 seats each of AutoTURN Pro, TORUS roundabout software, NEXUS and Road CEM, used for designing intersections and roadways – for a nominal fee.

“Transoft is thrilled to have the opportunity to help train tomorrow’s transportation engineers at York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering,” said Noel Dolotallas, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Transoft Solutions. “We are committed to strengthening our ties to high-quality post-secondary institutions and we look forward to this mutually beneficial partnership.”

The software will be utilized to train students taking transportation engineering courses at Lassonde, through its Civil Engineering program.

The school prides itself on educating students to become “renaissance engineers,” which refers to graduates aspiring to be well-rounded leaders in their fields of study. For example students can earn a five-year combined BEng/BA through its Engineering & International Development program, where students put their engineering skills to use by helping people in disadvantaged countries.

Lassonde also offers co-op and internship opportunities with private- and public-sector companies, along with its BEST program that focuses on engineering students developing business skills.

Dr. Peter Park, undergraduate program director and associate professor in Civil Engineering, learned about Transoft’s software while attending a workshop at the Joint ITE/CITE 2017 Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Toronto.

“Students love these design courses because they feel they are actually learning something, instead of simply listening to a lecture, I want my students to be exposed to hands-on learning programs so they can be more competitive when they’re applying for a job,”” said Park.

Undergraduate and graduate students will use Transoft’s programs for simulated design projects where the students work in groups to improve intersections, for example, or design roundabouts. The self-directed learning model invites students to learn the software, with the help of instruction manuals or videos, or with the assistance of an off-campus expert.

Park said the number and close proximity of post-secondary institutions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) means that universities must have a competitive edge to attract students. Obtaining leading software for training purposes is one way for York to stay ahead of the competition for engineering seats.

Gaining familiarity with the software also allows engineering instructors to keep current with the latest industry technology that they can pass onto students, some of whom will likely use it in their future careers.

“Working closely with a company like Transoft will provide me an opportunity to learn the most up to date information, and this is important to train our next-generation talent,” said Park, who earned his PhD from the University of Waterloo. “It’s very important for academics like me to train the students properly, so that by the time they graduate their knowledge will not be behind.”


About Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions, Inc. develops innovative and easy to use software for transportation professionals. Since 1991, civil engineers and technologists, architects, and city planners across federal agencies, State DOTs, airport authorities, cities, ports, and infrastructure consultants have come to rely on Transoft’s field-researched design solutions. Transoft’s engineers work closely with the world’s leading agencies including AASHTO, ITE, TRB, TAC, Austroads, and CROW to develop highly specialized applications serving over 30,000 users across 120 countries. Transoft Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class customer support through its offices in Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, India and China, enabling professionals to design with confidence.