Transoft Solutions at 2021 TRB Annual Meeting

Dec 21, 2020

Richmond, Canada

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity-enhancing software and services for the civil, transportation, and aviation industry, will be attending the virtual TRB 100th Annual Meeting in January 2021. Being a Gold Patron of the event, Transoft Solutions will be showcasing its latest product releases as well has hosting a live session on the City of Bellevue’s video-based network screening safety analysis on January 25th.

As the call for keeping up social distancing measures continues to keep members of the public safe from the COVID-19 pandemic, the TRB (Transportation Research Board) has opted to hold its upcoming annual meeting online over a series of dates throughout January 2021 with speaker presentations, poster sessions, meetings and workshops. Transoft Solutions will have a virtual exhibition booth running at the event as well as host a live Q&A at the TRB Intelligent Transportation Systems 2021 Poster Session.

What Transoft Solutions Will be Showing

On January 25th, Transoft Solutions will have its poster presentation: Video-based Network-wide Surrogate Safety Analysis to Support a Proactive Network Screening Using Connected Cameras: Case Study in the City of Bellevue (WA) United States. Attendees can learn how emerging technologies, such as computer-vision and cloud-computing have allowed for the proactive scanning and detection of safety issues across a network, allowing practitioners to address high risk interactions amongst all road users before they turn into collisions. Franz Loewenherz, Principal Transportation Planner at the City of Bellevue and Lana Samara, Project Coordinator at Transoft Solutions will be available from 2:30pm to 4pm ET to answer any questions.

Visit the Transoft Solutions Booth

At the virtual booth, attendees can learn about our latest software for the transportation engineering community including:


Vehicle Simulation:

  • AutoTURN Pro – the most advanced and comprehensive swept path software available that allows engineers to easily check their site and road designs and ensure all types of vehicles can move through safely and efficiently. From bicycles and cars to buses, trucks and heavy haul industrial transport – users can quickly test multiple maneuvers and be assured their results are accurate and extensive.

Roadway Sign Design and Pavement Markings:

  • GuideSIGN Plus – the latest GuideSIGN release enables government transportation agencies, consultants, local and city governments design to create highway and roadway signs, plan the installation of traffic signs and easily add in pavement markings. Government transportation agencies, consultants, and local and city governments are able to design quickly and accurately with the most up to date MUTCD 2009 SHSM, 2012 Supplement.
    Road and Intersection Design:
  • TORUS – the leading roundabout design CAD software that streamlines roundabout geometric design with integrated safety analysis to ensure projects reaches optimal design without the hassle of reworking manual calculations with each iteration. Our latest release includes features such as generating non-circular roundabouts and a 3D model with just one click.
  • AQCESSRAMP – this recent addition to our product family takes curb ramp design to new levels of productivity with features that helps engineers and drafters reach the best design option with less manual drafting. AQCESSRAMP eliminates the repetitive process of guideline referencing in street curb designing. The drag and drop grip points allow for quick edits on the fly while the precision inputs deliver the accuracy users need.


  • Use pre-recorded or live connected camera video feeds to assess and monitor trends in road safety and mobility. Video-based surrogate safety techniques provide a deeper understanding of traffic flow, road user behaviour, speed and conflict patterns allowing practitioners to diagnose road safety challenges, implement and evaluate countermeasures in weeks vs. years.


Airside Planning and Design:

  • AviPLAN Airside Pro – this advanced CAD software includes a comprehensive 2D and 3D object library as well as functionality for simulating airplane and vehicle turn movements, designing ground markings, analyzing taxiway fillets and planning parking stands, making it the ultimate solution for any professional involved in the field of airside planning, design or operations.
    Strategic Airport Management and Planning:
  • ArcPORT – this fast time simulation software focused on the analysis of passengers and baggage in airport terminals and other passenger transit facilities. ArcPORT offers advanced features for modelling, simulating and evaluating the operations, efficiencies and capacity of entire terminals or isolated processes such as check-in halls, security, immigration or waiting lounges.

Airport and Airspace Modelling:

  • AirTOP – is a leading modeling platform providing support to assess and improve airspace, airport airside and passenger terminal capacities. The modular software allows scenario editing, simulation and reporting for airspace and airport environments through a single sophisticated interface that includes highly interactive 2D maps and 3D views. The WIZer module for ACCs and Airports connects to live data streams, presents short term forecasts of air traffic complexity, controller workload, airport performance indicators, and offer real-time what-if-analysis functions to provide airport and airspace demand capacity balancing.


About Transoft Solutions
Transoft Solutions develops innovative and highly specialized software for aviation, civil infrastructure, and transportation professionals. Since 1991, Transoft has remained focused on safety-oriented solutions that enable transportation professionals to work effectively and confidently. Our portfolio of planning, simulation, modeling, and design solutions are used in over 150 countries serving more than 50,000 customers across local and federal agencies, consulting firms, airport authorities, and ports. We take pride in providing the highest quality of customer support from our headquarters in Canada, and through our 12 offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, India, Belgium, and China. For more information on Transoft’s range of aviation, civil design, and traffic safety solutions, visit