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GuideSIGN Plus is the complete CAD-based software with everything you need for your sign design, planning and pavement marking projects. Go beyond just creating signs and do more with advanced features that will take your projects to the next level of productivity and efficiency.
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Powerful features for your sign design projects

With GuideSIGN, you can design both conceptual and physical signs. With GuideSIGN, you can create your signs from a library containing MUTCD standards, panels, arrows, fonts, and other elements related to your roadway signs. You can also create detailed road sign reports, complete with user comments.

Pavement marking toolset

New and updated 2009 MUTCD content

Supplemental state specific sign libraries & templates

Meet transportation expectations on your road design with a CAD software that simplifies monotonous tasks

Traffic Signs

GuideSIGN enables you to efficiently design traffic signs with the most up-to-date MUTCD panels and templates. Additionally, you can create customized signs from a variety of panels, arrows, fonts and other elements related to your project. Once designed,?generate detailed reports of signs and export to manufacturer friendly .dxf format for production.
  • 2009 MUTCD library collection with 2004 SHSM, 2012 Supplement:
    • Fonts, route shields, exit panels, arrows and more!
  • Design multiple street signs in a single operation
  • Create customized signs
  • Organize user created custom signs into libraries for an efficient workflow
  • Use State or Federal dictionaries to ensure accurate naming of places and common street names

Sign Planning

Plan your signage installation with GuideSIGN Plus. Everything you need, from creating sign groupings, mounting of signage on a variety of different structure types, placement onto the road layout and creating comprehensive reports.
  • Define, move, copy or edit groups of signs, with custom or pre-programmed arrangements
    • Choose your support structure from a pre-defined list: posts, gantry spans or cantilevers
  • Place sign assemblies onto the support structures
  • Place signs onto reference alignments to fit your roadway layouts
  • Insert signs into CAD drawings, complete with interactive rotation and offset position controls
  • Create detailed reports of you sign plan with detailed dimensions and measurements

Pavement Markings

New in GuideSIGN Plus, you can add pavement markings on your road design. Accurately depict and place your lane lines, crosswalks, crosshatches, arrows and more.
  • Place pavement markings based on federal and state specific standards
    • Island Hatches, Yield Lines, Reflective Markers, Advanced Warning Symbols & Crosswalks
  • Place MUTCD symbols, numbers and letters
  • Produce road markings reports for cost estimates

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