Benefits of using Sign & Line Design Pro UK Software


If you are unaware of the commercial advantages using Transoft Solutions products such as; Automation, checking and analysis, one button press (OBP) technology, 2D to 3D output, full level 2 BIM, 2 Way BIM data transfer and Temporary and permanent features then this article will detail what our existing customers already know about Sign Design Pro UK & Line Design Pro UK software.

How automated is our software?

For the actual creation of the road markings, (i.e. the design stage) we don’t automate that process.  What we provide are easy to use design tools that help an Engineer design to the correct standards.  The design is carried out by an Engineer who should be familiar with standards and relevant TSRGD Chapters. Our software compliments this part and when using the software, it is proven by our customers that it saves time.

We also do not use technology that hinders or prevents sharing and collaboration such as object enablers and incompatible versions e. g. Person A is using V8, and Person B, is using V9, so their drawings don’t work with each other.  Our software’s all work with each version released.

Where we offer Automation

Quantifying your project, so when adding a full bill of Quantities, this is simply an OBP exercise to send a table of quantities to your drawing or export it as an excel spreadsheet, and exporting BIM data from our objects to Excel and then allowing the user to edit it and import it back in.  We have videos available of this process (More automation below).

What are the benefits Transoft Solutions UK will offer if we are a contractor?

As our software is adopted among the larger contractors, feedback is being sent back to us that it is used during setting out and checking designs using a mixture of systems.  A major Tier 1 highway contractor for example, is trialling the use of our 3D objects sent to their own BIM storage area (BimXtra). This information is then used on site for the purposes of setting out and safety checks.

How does the software sit in the 3D landscape?

We have pushed the envelope of how 3D is used in Highways beyond what our competitors do, or say they do.  And we can prove this by showing you how easy our 3D is to use and produce.  Once the design has been carried out in 2D, the 3D is OBP to achieve:

  • Road markings can be draped over a surface, OBP
  • A 2D sign can be converted to 3D, OBP.
  • 3D Road markings and Signs can be exported to IFC, OBP.
  • 3D Road markings and Signs can be exported to GIS, OBP.
  • BIM Data export and import.

One of the highest amounts of praise we get from our customers is that all our objects are Cad objects, for instance; the 3D signs are CAD blocks, the 3D road markings are CAD meshes so there is no requirement for every person who simply wants to view such objects to have our software installed – A big advantage when collaborating with large teams.

signage and traffic planning on motorway or highway

How have other contractors / highways organisations benefited from using our software?

Many of the Tier 1 highways engineering companies are advocates of our software. They use our software to create full 2D Traffic Management plans with all signs designed to the correct calculated x-height and then converted to 3D on A-Frames.  This is an initiative being pursued by Highways England to put Traffic Management at the top of the tree when it comes to safety and not an afterthought to the project.


To help staff get the most out of the powerful new software we also advise a day’s training to bring people up to speed on some of the ways the software works.  Even though it should be very easy to work out how it is used by looking at the Ribbons there is the opportunity to use the software at a very high level with the 3D and BIM, and we have found that training reduces the amount of time a user will spend searching how to do something. After training is completed clients often compliment us on the style that we use as it is very user friendly, how it helps to create efficient onboarding, helps Improve communication and employee engagement and equip employees for current and future Success.

As a team we are now working with some the UK’s major Tier 1 highways engineering companies as well as Europe’s largest traffic management company.  We are actively engaging with the wider AEC community and are offering bespoke webinars for Sign & Line Design Pro Uk and site visits to show in real time the benefits our software can bring to your organisation.

To organise your free bespoke webinar or to request a site visit to see for yourself how powerful Sign & Line Design Pro UK is please fill out the below form stating your name and company details. If you like to test the software yourself you can Request a Sign Design Pro Evaluation version or/and Request a Line Design Pro Evaluation version