BIM Traffic Sign Design


As BIM has been taking a more important role in infrastructure design, there is also a growing need of Traffic Sign Design software that is capable of exporting to BIM formats (BIM is the process of adding data to assets for use when handed over to maintenance). With Sign Design Pro UK, Transoft has an advanced Traffic Sign Design program to assist in designing all sorts of road and infrastructure traffic signs that can be easily exported to BIM formats.

Sign Design Pro UK is powerful, flexible and easy to learn, creating traffic signs can be achieved in minutes. As the software lets you design custom signs that are industry compliant to Chapter 7 and T.S.R.G.D., it is an excellent product for the United Kingdom. For large BIM corridor schemes, Sign Design Pro lets you add 3D sign designs to a project giving an extra level of detail for Civil 3D® projects.

The standard BIM format in the Engineering industry for the collaboration of data rich 3D models in design projects is called Industry Federation Class or IFC by BuildingSMART. Line Design Pro is a level 2 BIM product, road and traffic signs can be easily exported to .ifc format with a single button press, ready for importing into BIM Collaboration software such as Navisworks, BIMXtra or Clearbox for use in clash checks.

Sign locations can also be exported to GIS (ESRI) format. This means that sign posts locations can be exported in .shp files complete with asset data (.db) and spatial information (.sp) for accurate geo-positioning.

If you like to learn more, please visit our product page or request a free trial to try it out for yourself. Besides our UK version, we also offer Sign Design Pro for Dubai, and Sign Design Pro for Qatar.