Revolutionise Traffic Signal Design with KeySIGNALS: Unleashing the Power of Efficient Junction Planning

In the ever-evolving landscape of urban planning and transportation engineering, the need for sophisticated tools to streamline the design of traffic signal junctions has never been more critical. Transoft Solutions’ KeySIGNALS emerges as the beacon of innovation, outshining its counterparts in the market and empowering engineers and signal designers across the UK. Here’s why KeySIGNALS stands at the forefront of traffic signal design, enabling efficient redesign of existing junctions and creating cutting-edge solutions for new projects.

Unmatched Efficiency with KeySIGNALS

KeySIGNALS simplifies the intricate traffic signal design process by providing a user-friendly platform within the familiar AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D environments. Its robust features and extensive library of symbols empower engineers to effortlessly configure and label detailed traffic signal design plans, ensuring the final output is ready for printing at any scale. KeySIGNALS functions and workflows are also tailored to save the Engineer’s design time when creating or editing traffic signal schemes.

Creative Tools for Streamlined Design

One of KeySIGNALS’s standout features is its arsenal of creative tools, allowing engineers and signal designers to bring their vision to life. The software facilitates the addition of paving features, generation of duct layouts, production of staging reports, and accurate cost quantification. Engineers and signal designers can meet and exceed design expectations with these tools.

BIM-Friendly Format for Enhanced Collaboration

KeySIGNALS’s BIM-friendly format is a game-changer, fostering enhanced collaboration among design teams. By seamlessly building in data that can be readily exported, the software ensures a smooth integration into Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows. This feature enhances coordination and future-proof designs, making them adaptable to evolving industry standards.

Leveraging the Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant (TSOG ) and Green Light Fund (GLF)

KeySIGNALS not only sets a new standard for traffic signal design but also strategically aligns with key funding initiatives like the Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant and the Green Light Fund. Let’s delve into the background of these funds and explore how KeySIGNALS, coupled with Transoft Solutions’ unwavering support, can transform how traffic signals are conceptualised and implemented.

Navigating Funding Opportunities: Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant and Green Light Fund


Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant (TSOG):

The Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant, a financial boon for English local authorities, addresses the need to modernise outdated signal infrastructure. Aimed at tackling obsolescence issues, this grant provides crucial financial support for redesigning and upgrading existing traffic signal junctions. With KeySIGNALS’s intuitive design capabilities, local authorities can make the most of this grant, ensuring their projects align seamlessly with the evolving safety and efficiency standards.

Green Light Fund (GLF):

Complementing the Traffic Signals Obsolescence Grant is the Green Light Fund, a strategic initiative to foster innovation and sustainability in traffic signal projects. This fund encourages local authorities to invest in forward-thinking solutions that address current challenges and contribute to developing a greener, more efficient transportation network. KeySIGNALS, with its advanced features and environmental consciousness, positions users to leverage the Green Light Fund effectively, making their projects not just compliant but visionary.

Transoft Solutions’ Commitment to Support and Continual Development

Beyond the groundbreaking capabilities of KeySIGNALS, Transoft Solutions distinguishes itself through an unwavering commitment to customer support and continual software development. KeySIGNALS users benefit from:


  1. Dedicated Support Teams: Transoft Solutions ensures users can access a dedicated support team, providing assistance and guidance whenever needed. This commitment to customer service guarantees a seamless experience throughout the design process.


  1. Regular Software Updates: Staying ahead is paramount in a rapidly evolving field. Transoft Solutions consistently releases updates, incorporating new features and improvements and ensuring compatibility with the latest industry standards. Users can rely on software that meets current demands and anticipates future requirements.


  1. Training and Resources: KeySIGNALS users receive comprehensive training resources, empowering them to unlock the software’s full potential. Webinars, documentation, and tutorials contribute to a continuous learning environment, ensuring that engineers and signal designers stay abreast of the latest design methodologies.


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In conclusion, Transoft Solutions’ KeySIGNALS is the go-to solution for traffic signal design, providing unparalleled efficiency, creative tools, and BIM compatibility. As the UK’s top traffic signal design software, KeySIGNALS not only simplifies the design process but elevates it to new heights, enabling engineers and signal designers to create safer and more efficient traffic signal junctions for the future. Embrace the power of KeySIGNALS and revolutionise how you approach traffic signal design.

If your organisation is looking to explore new opportunities under the ITMF (Intelligent Traffic Management Fund), contact Transoft Solutions today by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0) 3451 303040 as innovation is part of Transoft Solutions DNA.

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