AutoTURN Pro Includes a Library of Different Cycle Types


Transportation planners and designers can easily use AutoTURN Pro to check that on-street and off-street cycling lane designs safely accommodate different types of cyclists.

As populations grow and cities become increasingly dense, transportation network challenges become more complex. These days, planners are looking at ways to safely and sustainably move increased flows of people, vehicles and goods – including by non-motorized vehicles like bicycles. AutoTURN Pro’s bicycle simulation tool allows engineers and designers to reduce guesswork and design errors as they incorporate Complete Streets Policies that include the development of bicycle facilities into their transportation network design and/or redesign.

Transoft Solutions developed this tool based on research of several design guidelines and field-test results.  AutoTURN software has been used by the transportation industry for three decades, and its new bicycle swept-path analysis tool demonstrates Transoft’s ongoing commitment to producing innovative software that is aligned with safety, sustainability and the latest design trends to support the transportation sector.


Bicycles and other types of cycles move and turn differently than larger motorized vehicles. AutoTURN Pro’s new bicycle swept-path analysis tool accounts for the key parameters that influence how bicycles turn such as lean angle and friction coefficients. The software is capable of assessing bicycles modelled to specification as well as standard design bicycles (based on dimensions for design guidelines for bikes). There are more than a dozen arrangements, including standard bicycles as well as bicycles with back trailers, front cargo bikes, recumbent cycles, and scooters.

As it does with motorized vehicles, AutoTURN Pro automatically and dynamically lays out the paths, providing engineers and planners with trusted simulation results based on speed and turning transitions.

By using the bicycle turning simulation feature in AutoTURN Pro, designers can validate not only that motorized vehicles can safely turn without impeding cyclists, but also that on-street and off-street plans account for the specific turning requirements of different types of bicycles.

After more than a year of research and development, the bicycle swept-path analysis feature was included in AutoTURN Pro version 11.0, released in March 2020.  Including it as a feature in Transoft’s existing swept-path analysis software means that users benefit by being able to simulate bicycle maneuvers alongside those of the more than 1500 standard and manufacturer design vehicles already included with AutoTURN Pro.

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