Transoft Solutions is committed to our communities, continuous learning, an inclusive workplace, providing education opportunities, and eliminating inequalities


Transoft Solutions believes in and is committed to supporting the communities and cultures we work and live in. We believe in providing a planned participative approach to enhancing shared/valued social and economic investments aimed at driving positive social change. We believe in the principles of good corporate citizenship by investing in our communities which in turn creates a positive workplace environment, increases creativity, encourages professional and personal growth, and promotes individual philanthropy. We provide funding and volunteer help to support programs that focus on higher education, natural disaster relief, medical response efforts, and community giving to meet the needs of each region where we do business.

Transoft Foundation

Transoft Solutions is committed to investing in our communities. In 2016, we established the Transoft Foundation to help drive our mission to be a socially-responsible organization and to actively participate in making the world a better place for future generations. Transoft partners with higher education institutions to provide scholarships to women pursuing civil engineering to help create safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation networks. In addition to providing grants, The Transoft Foundation supports a wide variety of activities relating to healthcare, children and youth needs, communities, and the environment.


Respect, diversity, and inclusion are fundamental operating principles embedded in the fabric of our company’s culture and values. We truly believe what makes us different as individuals brings us together as a whole. A thorough understanding and acceptance of what makes each of us unique not only enriches our lives and makes our workplace more than just a collection of disparate people, it also drives our innovation and makes our company stronger. At Transoft, our employees’ ─ representing many nationalities, ages, cultures, sexual identities, religions, backgrounds, and experiences ─ provide distinct point of views and ideas, and are welcome and, indeed, expected to hold us accountable. We are committed to providing an environment where differences are respected, ensuring that access to opportunities are available to all.

Educational Programs

The Transoft Educational Program (TEP) was launched with a mission to help future civil engineers develop critical knowledge and build the technical skills they need to succeed in this dynamic field. The program has provided hundreds of software licenses to classes in higher education institutions and to individual students conducting degree-related research across the globe. Investing in education is our way of giving back to the profession, and it is imperative that technology companies and educators work together to ensure a highly skilled workforce.

Transoft Solutions donates $100,000 to ITE’s diversity scholars program

Transoft Solutions, Inc., has pledged $100,000 to the Diversity Scholars Program, which directly supports the education and development of African American, Native American, Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Hispanic/Latino heritage students pursuing degrees in transportation-related fields. We are pleased to be welcomed into ITE’s Legacy Society at the Visionary (highest) level.


Making a difference

We have long advocated that Transoft should actively participate in making the world a better place for current and future generations – not only by creating software that helps produce safe and lasting infrastructure, but also assisting those in need.

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Participation and Sponsorships

Tour d'Afrique 2015

ITE Diversity Scholar Program

VCGS Fundraiser 2008

Ladies 5k Run-Netherlandspinkribbon 2018

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Colombian Orphanages Read and Listen 2008

ANCOP Canada 2010

Vancouver Sun Run 2019

Transportation Association of Canada

TechPong 2019

One Girl Can 2019