Ground Modelling Software


KeySCAPE allows you to create and edit your designs in one place, which not only improves accuracy but also helps reduce errors compared to managing duplicate designs in different applications.

KeySCAPE includes its own ground modeller, allowing you to generate 3D representations of the existing or proposed landform. It allows you to work closely with clients as you can create surfaces from AutoCAD 3D entities and point cloud files or share your proposals with others, using LandXML.

For more information on how our ground modelling within KeySCAPE can help you better understand and present you landscape designs in 3D, contact our sales team on +44 (0) 3451 30 30 40 or

KeySCAPE is available in 3 version: KeySCAPE (AutoCAD, Civil3D), KeySCAPE LT (AutoCAD OEM) and KeySCAPE RT (Revit)