KeySCAPE RT Highlights

  • Draw multiple planting areas, hedges and grass areas in 2D and visualise the results in 3D
  • Create planting features from existing Revit objects, such as families and floors
  • Assign specifications to planting based on single species, standard mixes and multiple density mixes
  • Specify from our customisable database of over 9500 plants and import your own plant lists
  • Specification Manager allows you to eliminate errors by making global changes to all plant specifications in the project
  • Modify and Schedule your project using the standard Revit features
  • Switch between simple draped, flat topped and detailed family representations and set your preferred level of detail for each object, including use of RPC. third-party or your own families!
  • Improve project speed and responsiveness by switching between detailed or simplified plant number representations for each object
  • Share your plant database with KeySCAPE (for AutoCAD) for cross-platform project collaboration
  • Import planting plans from KeySCAPE (for AutoCAD) and continue to modify or add new content in KeySCAPE RT
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