ParkCAD 5.0 Released


The newest version of ParkCAD is here!  Version 5.0 represents a major step forward in parking site designing and visualization. Some of the highlights of the ParkCAD release include:

  • Flow Arrows – Add in traffic flow arrows to determine the direction of vehicle movement in one-way or two-way traffic.
  • Visualize Vehicle Movement – Visualize and see vehicles entering, circulating around aisles, accessing stalls, and exiting the parking lot.
  • New Regional Guidelines – New standards have been added to accommodate more global designs.
  • Attractive Presentations – A library of blocks and hatches adds more color to help visualize how a parking lot will fit into the larger site plan.

Discover all the exciting features in the new release of the leading parking site design software. Download the free demo and try it out for yourself!