How to publish your AutoTURN Pro simulations to Google Earth


AutoTURN Pro is the only vehicle swept path software available for the civil and transportation design community which allows you to create a true, 3D vehicle swept path simulation, with 3D envelopes, illustrating the space taken up by the turning vehicle and using 3D realistic vehicle rendering of Manufacturer-based Vehicles.

It can be used effectively to feed the infrastructure design process with vital input to ensure safe and sustainable planning.

When combined with the Plex.Earth tool however, it can also be used to illustrate design concepts and more likely design issues to non-technical stakeholders, without any CAD-software, in a real-life environment, using Google Earth and its detailed 3D urban or rural environments.

How to work together with AutoTURN Pro and Plex.Earth to publish your 3D realistic simulations to Google Earth

To publish your simulations to the Google Earth environment by using the Plex.Earth software by following the steps below:

1. In Google Earth, navigate to the area where you desire to conduct your vehicle swept path analysis. Make sure that the entire area is visible.

2. In Plex.Earth, click the Import Imagery option in the Imagery panel

An example of an aerial image overlayed a simple basemap of the analysis area

3. This option will import the Google Earth aerial image as a combined, stitched mosaic, offering an additional high-quality layer to your existing basemap.

4. Perform the analysis with AutoTURN Pro by either using the following two methods:
–  a. Use the 2D SmartPath tools to lay out the vehicle simulation in 2D, then convert it to be a 3D simulation by using the XY plane as the surface.

–  b. Use the 3D Arc Path tool to create a 3D simulation in one single step.

swept path simulation of a construction crane

A split view in CAD about the swept path simulation of a construction crane in Top view (left) and in 3D Isometric view (right).

5. Use further tools of AutoTURN Pro to manage how the 2D and the 3D elements of the vehicle swept path object is displayed. Add additional vehicles to the simulation to better illustrate critical points.

6. Go back to Plex.Earth and use the Publish 3D models option to export the simulation to Google Earth.

Note: In case you have the AutoTURN Pro Properties set in a way that your 2D and 3D elements are created on multiple AutoCAD layers, you will need to export these separately. For 2D objects, you can also use the Export KML/KMZ command.

7. Open or share the exported files and view your data in the Google Earth environment.
Note: In Google Earth, you will see the have access to layer settings, controlling the display of your exported objects, providing you with further possibilities to achieve the visualization you wish.

Published 3D vehicle swept path simulation in Google Earth

The 3D vehicle swept path simulation published to Google Earth and displayed in a true 3D environment, together with additional notes about temporarily remove parking spaces

Should you wish to learn more or see this explained using a practical example, you can visit our recorded webinar page, and take a look at our recorded webinar called AutoTURN Pro and Plex.Earth

If you like to see more of AutoTURN Pro, please visit our AutoTURN Pro product page or request a free trial.


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