Sign post and foundation design software


KeyPOST is dynamic software for road sign post and foundation design, for traffic management and road safety engineers and sign manufacturers.

KeyPOST offers you a range of graphic design tools for creating sign installations. Simply select your desired signs, posts or foundations from the template library and arrange them as required. Alternatively you can import an existing design from KeySIGN. KeyPOST also offers an ‘AutoPost’ feature.

You choose from a set of suggested structural arrangements and the software will automatically calculate the post and foundation requirements of the installation. Designs meeting passive safety standards are also possible.

KeyPOST allows the wind pressure to be set for each sign installation, in accordance with the latest National Annex to BS EN 12899-1:2007 or BS EN 1991-1-4:2005.

KeyPOST at a glance

  • Offers graphic design tools to create and test sign installations
  • Import existing designs from KeySIGN
  • Calculates the post and foundation requirements of your installation
  • Produces a detailed report for each design Full 3D output available in AutoCAD and Navisworks for BIM coordination