Top 5 Questions for Sign and Line Design


While demoing our Sign Design and Road Marking solutions, Sign Design Pro and Line Design Pro…. our customer base tend to ask the same type of questions, here are the top 5 questions and answers about our line and sign software:


What happens when your software upgrades, will all of the old objects still work?

A resounding yes because we create geometry not intelligent objects.


What if I want to e-mail a drawing to a customer, will they need an object enabler?

No, because that stops users being collaborative and sharing so we don’t use any type of enabler or proxy object.


How long does it take to drape the 3d road markings?

1 mile takes about 15 – 25 seconds.


What about your 3d signs, are they easy to make?

Yes, think of a one button press and your sign appears in 3d, at the correct geographic co-ordinate and the correct surface level.


Can you use it in clash checks?

Yes we have custom export IFC tools that specifically target our design objects and add ADMM data to each object.


Do you have any other questions regarding our Road and Highway Marking Software or our Sign Design Software? Please send us an email or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to provide feedback on your questions about our – CAD based software: Line Design Pro and Sign Design Pro. If you have no questions but still like to know more, please download a free evaluation of our software and discover what why Sign and Line Design Pro are top choices for any ‘Road and Highway Marking’ and/or ‘Sign Design’.