What Our Clients Are Saying About KeyACCIDENT

“KeyACCIDENT has proven to be a superb all-round data analysis package. This, combined with the ability to display and present these elements in GIS/graphical format, have made the product indispensable in our day-to-day casualty reduction work.”

Simon Hobbs, Herefordshire Council

Accident Analysis Case Study
Ayrshire Roads Alliance
Written by: Keysoft Solutions


How KeyACCIDENT helped Ayrshire Roads Alliance identify a road traffic accident cluster site and introduce a road safety scheme with a 100% success rate.


The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has been using KeyACCIDENT to carry out cluster site analysis on an annual basis in east Ayrshire for the past seven years.

The analysis provides information on injury related road accident sites which forms the basis of their annual road safety programme. One particular site dubbed the A719 Waterside Project kept on reoccurring even though traditional treatments such as bend warning signs, chevrons, road markings and bollards to assist drivers through the section of road had been implemented. The challenge was how to make this accident cluster site safe for all.

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