Best practices for video-based network screening, diagnoses & evaluation of road safety challenges

Everyday, serious safety related incidents unfold on the road. These events are considered collision precursors. With video-based surrogate safety analysis, we can dramatically accelerate access to safety data by investigating occurrences of safety related events (such as traffic conflicts, speeding, interactions between motorists and vulnerable road uses) – over a matter of weeks instead of years. We may even be able to draw conclusions about potential road safety hazards before a single serious collision happens.


Join Lana Samara, Project Delivery Manager, to learn more about how transportation and planning practitioners can use TrafxSAFE to identify real issues affecting road safety and gain immediate insights to measure the safety performance of road treatments in a more scalable and affordable way.


This 45-minute session will provide you with tangible best practices advice you can for each step of your traffic analytics project, such as:

  • Project selection and deployment kick-off
  • Video recording and upload
  • Calibration and validation
  • Video based AI processing and safety analysis, and
  • Interpreting the analysis results
Webinar Info
Presented By
Lana Samara, Project Delivery Manager
14:00 GMT