Car Park Design and Layout

A recording of this webinar can be found at:

During this webinar we will show and learn you how to set up your own parking layout in minutes, while making sure you set the maximum amount of parking stalls for the area.

Other topics include:
– Quantity takeoff report
– Custom parking stalls (accessibility)
– Setting exclusion areas
– Mixing bigger and smaller parking stalls
– Optimizing the car park’s footprint

ParkCAD is the world’s premier CAD-based software for designing, checking, and editing all types of parking layouts in only minutes. Just select a defined area, and with a click of your mouse, automatically create parking lots that conform to your unique design criteria (i.e. stall configuration, length, and width, aisle width, island radius, etc) using a set of powerful design tools.

Webinar Info
Presented By
David Homola
11:00 CET