AutoTURN Online | cloud-based vehicle swept path analysis

Discover how AutoTURN Online ( can help deliver on your next project.

The ability to perform vehicle swept path analysis and turn maneuvers is essential for the architectural, civil engineering, and construction industry. It allows designers to simulate and visualize any scenarios involving vehicle access and circulation – minimizing operational inefficiencies or costly reconstruction of the geometric or infrastructure design. Yet finding a tool for this analysis can be challenging for many reasons. For instance, designers have to choose from a limited number of CAD platforms in order to use this functionality in the past. Moreover, it can be a problem when teams are trying to collaborate and professionals that could be reviewing designs are not able to quickly evaluate the scenario without being limited to working within a particular CAD environment. Finally, the results of the analysis needs to be reliable. Not every swept path analysis tool on the market is made the same where it is intuitively designed and produces high quality trusted results backed by field tests and on-going research.

Now with AutoTURN Online, the latest addition to the AutoTURN product family, the design field is leveled. With AutoTURN Online being cloud-based, there’s nothing to install, available at anytime through any PC or Mac workstation with an internet browser. This makes it accessible to many designers regardless of their CAD platform of choice. All a designer has to do is export their drawings in a DXF file format and import it into AutoTURN Online to begin. Alternatively, they can even import and work with an aerial image for analysis.

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Richard Böck - Application Engineer
11:00 CET