Simulate vehicle turning paths with AutoTURN Online (integrated)

With AutoTURN Online you can start analyzing vehicle swept paths directly from within a web browser on your Windows or Mac workstation. There is no need to have any CAD software installed. You simply import a sketch image, aerial photo, or dxf/dwg data as a reference and generate your vehicle movements. When finished, you export the simulations back to CAD.


AutoTURN Online will help you to:

  • Plan your project easily and efficiently by clearly visualizing the vehicle turning space and circulation
  • Visualize realistic vehicles accessing or passing through the site and building
  • Identify potential hazards or constraints between structural elements and vehicles

In this webinar we will show you the AutoTURN Online environment, how you generate and analyze vehicle simulations, and how to choose your design vehicle from a wide selections of design vehicles available in our vehicle bundles.

  • Performing Forward and Reverse vehicle maneuvers
  • Selecting a vehicle bundle
  • Using realistic plan views to improve the look of your simulations
  • Uploading your own drawing (DWG or DXF)
  • Using Google Maps
  • Manage Simulations

Additionally, we want to show you the integration of AutoTURN Online with Autodesk Revit for a streamlined workflow transitioning from a Revit model to AutoTURN Online and back again.

Webinar Info
Presented By
Richard Böck, Product Support Specialist
11:00 CEST