The recipe for successful low-speed urban environments.

Cities are going through rapid transitions nowadays as they are re-prioritising their infrastructure. When it comes to areas with a great variety of road users (motorised vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists), planning and maintaining segregated infrastructure for all of them might be problematic, introducing an unnecessarily high number of conflict points. Low speeds design can be achieved by reducing road width, minimising segregation between road users, and using minimal to none signage. By this, road users’ need to share the road space, and they become more aware and attentive, resulting in increased road safety.

Join us for this 1-hour webinar, with

  • Paola Spivach, UK-based freelance expert in street design for walking and cycling infrastructure and an advocate for low-speed environments, and
  • David Homola, Product Manager EMEA, Transoft Solutions

We will be looking into examples of shared space design, go through the design challenges these posed and discuss how to overcome those challenges using best practices and innovative tools.

Webinar Info
Presented By
Paola Spivach and David Homola
11:00 CEST