TORUS 5.1 Introduction Webinar

Increase productivity, save money and get instant feedback.

You already know that TORUS offers tools for instant speed and sight line analysis and integrated vehicle movement checking in AutoTURN.

But did you know that TORUS will now be able to design mini roundabouts in the upcoming release?

Learn more at our October 4th introduction webinar. Civil Engineer, David Homola will demonstrate the benefits of mini roundabouts and its effect in reducing car accidents in residential areas and more.


Come see new TORUS features like:

  • Planning and designing mini roundabouts
  • Using the Stockdale method for grading roundabouts
  • Ability to use freeform grading for the Central Island Region of a roundabout
  • And more…
Webinar Info
Presented By
David Homola
11:00 CET