Using AutoTURN to Check for Safe Emergency Vehicle Access

AutoTURN enables you to quickly and reliably check your design for safe and efficient vehicle access. This is especially important when considering the accessibility required by emergency vehicles to critical areas of your project site (e.g. within proximity to the fire hydrants, building entrances, alleys, etc.).

During this webinar we will show you how to check for emergency vehicle access. We will discuss the challenges associated with this type of validation and how to easily use AutoTURN or AutoTURN Pro to ensure your design(s) will accommodate emergency vehicles to quickly and safely get where they need to be.

We will be discussing how:
• Why is emergency vehicle access validation necessary?
• What are the challenges for emergency vehicle access?
• The Guideline Approach – will a single unit truck model work?
• Where can you find emergency vehicles in AutoTURN libraries?
• How can you model a particular emergency vehicle based on specifications provided by the manufacturer or local fire department?

Webinar Info
Presented By
Dávid Homola
11:00 CEST