Will the 36-foot stretch limo fit?


Every architect knows that no two construction projects are exactly the same. Regardless of how similar many buildings may be, especially in the commercial building sector, each has quite individual requirements. It may be due to specific environmental conditions, to different budgets, or even varying uses.

The architectual practice of Axel Bauer from Mannheim has recently had to cope with the last factor. During construction of a new commercial building with a car showroom, it turned out that the vehicles to be displayed were often of extremely unusual dimensions – the customer is a stretch limousine service, where vehicles up to 36 feet long are not at all unusual.


It was necessary to leave plenty of space when planning entrances and parking spaces. “I had to prove to the planning office that the limousines will be able to drive into the parking spaces in the planned showroom without a problem,” explains Axel Bauer. The problem was that he was unable to find a template on the internet that could have helped with the representation of such special vehicles. It was also important to Bauer to find a software solution, because he uses CAD.

Vehicles with specific dimensions

He found what he was looking for in AutoTURN, from Transoft Solutions. The straightforward swept path simulation was perfect for this construction project. Above all the possibility of creating new files for vehicles with totally individual dimensions was a great advantage for displaying the unusually shaped limousines. “Using AutoTURN, I can accurately copy the specially built limousines’ construction by inputting wheel gage, axle distance and other factors in the software. Data entry is intuitive and easy,” says Bauer.

The simulation quickly makes it clear that there is easily space for even 36-foot long limousines in the planned showroom. Neat parking is possible against both the left and right inside walls in the spacious car park, which lies beneath an overhead roof terrace.

The stretch limousines are a very good example of how, if the worst comes to the worst, even smaller planning offices that do not necessarily specialize in transport projects can rely on efficient swept path simulation with AutoTURN. “I am a sole trader and don’t need the software very often,” admits Bauer. “But the submission based on AutoTURN was immediately accepted by the planning office, no ifs and buts!”

Another planning office inquiry was settled with AutoTURN. “I went back to AutoTURN when the feasibility of negotiating certain car parking spaces was questioned. Once again it was very easy and simple to furnish proof with this software.”

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