Wind Loading on Traffic Signs


When planning for highway or traffic signs, it is essential to take a look at wind loading. Several factors have to be taken into account regarding wind loading, to ensure mounted signs will not create safety issues due to weather and wind conditions.

Sign Design Pro UK has a build in “Wind Loading” feature to assist you in coming up with safe traffic signage plans. Mounting signs that are safe and economical using the built in Wind loading Structural section can be achieved with little effort.  We use the latest BS codes such as BS EN 1991-1-4 &BS EN 12899-1 and optional passive sign supports are available for a safer design.  Structural Calculations can be exported to Excel for further review.  The signs can be added to the drawing as a 3D block complete with ADMM data for use in a BIM collaborative project.

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To get a better idea of Wind Loading and the Wind Loading tool within Sign Design Pro, you can take a look at the video below.