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Vehicle Turning Templates


Turning Templates illustrates the turning space required for a vehicle to make various turns (e.g. 30 deg, 60 deg, 90 deg, 120 deg, 180 deg). Typically, design guidelines define the set of design vehicles and each vehicle will have its own set of turning templates. Engineers and designers would overlay these templates either printed on transparencies or digitally in the CAD environment. By visually inspecting the design against the turning templates, designers can pinpoint problematic areas.

As tools and technology advanced, designers around the world often work directly in the CAD environment. As a result, the step of checking static turning templates is replaced by simulating vehicle swept path during the design stage. Simulating swept path offers more flexibility over the static turning templates, for example it can easily handle a path with multiple turns with varying speeds, forward and reverse movements.

Depending on your needs, both AutoTURN and AutoTURN Pro still offers a tool called “Generate Turning Template” to create turning templates for any vehicle.

If you are simply wanting to check a basic vehicle swept path and not necessarily producing turning templates, AutoTURN Online could be a viable solution for you.  Try AutoTURN Online today.

Did you know? AutoTURN ® was used to create the turning templates captured in AASHTO “Green Book” since 2004.

Since 1991, our team of engineers collaborates with different regional transportation agencies to advance design vehicles and turning templates related matters in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


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