AQCESSRAMP | Curb Ramp Designs & Tying into Existing Openroads Corridor


In this webinar, we will explore designing and merging your curb ramps into an existing ORD corridor.

AQCESSRAMP allows users to quickly design curb ramps with its parametric and dynamic generating editing features, but it’s the ability to merge into existing corridors that allows designers to bring their curb ramps to life.

Learn how AQCESSRAMP can help you simplify your curb ramp design, generate a 3D surface, and help tie it into your existing corridor model.

You will learn about these key features:

  • Curb Ramp Design: Generate and design your curb ramp to compliance
  • 3D modeling and Surface Generation: Model and generate 3D curb ramps and surfaces to assist in merging designs
  • Corridor Modeling: At the end of your Curb Ramp Design process, see what options are available to transition your design into an existing corridor model
Webinar Info
Presented By
Nelson Huang, Civil Technologist
Dec 8, 2020
10am PT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET