AutoTURN Pro and Plex.Earth | Special Joint Presentation – Recorded

We’ve recently teamed up with Plexscape, developers of Plex.Earth, to allow engineers and designers to publish 3D vehicle swept path simulation objects from AutoTURN Pro directly into Google Earth. Now we’re hosting a special Plexscape and Transoft Solutions joint webinar run by our in-house specialists to celebrate the coming together of these two technologies.

Would you like to have instant access to high-quality satellite imagery and terrain morphology data and demonstrate your swept path analysis with our 3D realistic vehicle libraries, directly on Google Earth? If so, be among the first to see how you will benefit from working with Plex.Earth and AutoTURN Pro with an in-depth presentation from our software specialists.

Come watch this recorded webinar and discover how you can import imagery and create a vehicle swept path analysis, displaying the end results in a 3D realistic environment. Learn how to create and share engaging presentations and reduce project revisions and overall design costs.

Your vehicle swept path simulations will never look the same!

Webinar Info
Presented By
Majo Varghese, Sales Consultant | Nicolas Paraskevopoulos, Customer Support Specialist
Jun 13, 2019