AutoTURN Pro | Vehicle Access Challenges On Ferries – Recorded


A key design and operational aspect of ferries and ferry terminals is to ensure vehicles can access the ship under changing tide conditions. Level changes in the ship constantly vary the ramp angles, posing significant challenges for vehicles such as flat-bed trucks and other low clearance vehicles trying to enter the boat.

Our guest speaker, Martin Côté, will go over this and other complex challenges he faced while working on a project with Quebec Ferry Society.

Learn how simulating vehicles in 3D can help you overcome similar design challenges by:

  • Generating longitudinal and cross-sections of 3D envelopes to analyze vehicle clearance to the terrain
  • Converting 2D simulations into 3D to simultaneously analyze space requirements and vertical clearances
  • Determining maximum uphill and downhill slopes based on the vehicle’s underside
Webinar Info
Presented By
Martin Côté
Oct 31, 2019