AutoTURN Tips | Checking Intersection Safety Using AutoTURN Sight Line Analysis – Recorded


Obstructed sightlines at intersections can be a potential hazard for drivers and pedestrians. Designers need to ensure the safety and performance of the intersection and one of the most commonly used checks is sightline and stopping sight distance analysis. This analysis can help ensure drivers will have enough time to perceive and react to potential conflicts.

AutoTURN can help you to easily and dynamically analyze sightline and stopping distance for roads and intersections. This analysis helps identify blind spots or sight failure zones that may be compromised by obstructions.

August’s AutoTURN Tips webinar recorded webinar focuses on the three types of ways to create sight line analysis AutoTURN offers – horizontal alignments (2D), vertical profiles (2D) or terrain (3D).

  • What information and settings are required to complete sight line analysis
  • How to place sight lines in a drawing
  • When to use each type of sight line analysis
Webinar Info
Presented By
Andres Velez, Senior Civil Designer
Aug 8, 2018