AutoTURN Tips – Checking Your Ramps and Driveway Designs Using AutoTURN’s Grade Templates and Vertical Simulation Tools – Recorded


Replace tedious calculations and reduce human error with AutoTURN’s automated, accurate and visual assurance that your ramp and driveway designs are safe and efficient. AutoTURN’s Generate Grade Template and Place Vertical Simulation tools ensure your ramp and driveway design will safely accommodate the vehicles that will use them – especially for low clearance vehicles.

Come watch this recorded AutoTURN Tips webinar on how to check your ramp and driveway designs quickly and accurately.

In this recording, we discuss how:

  • The Generate Grade Template feature shows the maximum upward and downward grade capabilities of a vehicle, and
  • The Place Vertical Simulation feature allows you to evaluate the vehicle profile to determine if the vehicle can safely negotiate the vertical profile and clear overhead elements.
Webinar Info
Presented By
Andres Velez, Senior Civil Designer
Jun 12, 2018