AutoTURN Tips – How to Complete a Swept Path Analysis Using SmartPath Tools-recorded


Thank you for your continued interest in our AutoTURN Tips webinars!  Since we have begun the series we have had great attendance and participation.  We have also received many suggestions for topics to cover, from basic simulation tools to 3D clearance analysis.

For February’s AutoTURN Tips webinar, watch a review of the SmartPath tools and how to use them most effectively. The SmartPath tools are the easiest way to generate a simulation as they enable you control, or drive, the vehicle using your cursor.  They also incorporate speed, super-elevation, lateral friction and turn radius algorithms for realistic results.  This webinar includes:

  • Benefits of the SmartPath Tools – How SmartPath tools are more flexible than traditional methods of vehicle swept path analysis.
  • Using SmartPath Tools:
    • ArcPath – How to generate vehicle movements using your mouse to steer the vehicle while simultaneously analyzing its envelopes.
    • CornerPath – How to take advantage of existing geometry in the drawing to help generate movements by aligning the vehicle with them. You can also input the turn radius and the amount of turn sweep.
    • Oversteer CornerPath – How to produce oversteer maneuvers for larger vehicles that require extra space to execute turns, and how to define the entry and exit tangent offsets.
Webinar Info
Presented By
Andres Velez, Senior Civil Designer
Feb 13, 2018