AutoTURN Tips | Creating Custom Vehicles in 3D Using AutoTURN Pro – Recorded


In this recorded AutoTURN Tips Webinar we show you how to create custom vehicles in 3D. With AutoTURN Pro you can easily create 3D vehicles that are dimensionally accurate (for analysis) and visually pleasing (for presentations). We show you the basic steps to build a custom vehicle in 3D, how to swap vehicle parts (for tractor-trailers), and how to create and add 3D loads to your vehicles.

AutoTURN Pro enables you to create three-dimensional custom vehicles to perform clearance analysis of terrain and overhead elements in your design. If the vehicle you wish to model has a different roofline or underside than detailed in the guidelines, it is simple to create a 3D vehicle that matches manufacturer specifications.

In the recorded presentation, we will be discussing:

  • Information needed to create custom 3D vehicles and where to find it
  • Connector height
  • Defining a custom outline for the vehicle profile
  • Swapping vehicle parts
Webinar Info
Presented By
Andres Velez, Senior Civil Designer
Jul 10, 2018