AutoTURN Tips – How to Complete Reverse Maneuvers – Recorded


In the latest version of AutoTURN, a new reverse methodology was introduced. You now have a new way to perform reverse maneuvers for tractor-trailer combinations – The Push Method. The Push Method enables you to reverse the vehicle by pushing back the trailer from the prime mover or truck.

AutoTURN also continues to support the traditional ‘pull method’ – pulling the vehicle from the trailer to complete your maneuver.

In this recorded AutoTURN Tips Webinar, we discuss how to complete reverse maneuvers using both reverse methodologies. We show a variety of reverse scenarios and provide tips on how to complete your reverse simulations more efficiently.

AutoTURN Reverse Methodologies

  • Overview of the Pull Method
  • Overview of the Push Method
  • How to determine which method to use in your simulation

Reverse Simulation Scenarios and Examples

  • Parking lots
  • Loading docks
  • Mining sites


Webinar Info
Presented By
Andres Velez, Senior Civil Designer
Apr 11, 2018