AutoTURN | Learn about our vehicle libraries and how to find the right vehicle for your project – Recorded


January’s webinar is all about vehicle libraries!  Our AutoTURN vehicle libraries are the most extensive and up-to-date in the industry.  We release updates four times a year and we continually work with policy makers from around the world to ensure we include their design vehicles in our libraries.

Watch the recorded video and to learn all about AutoTURN vehicles libraries, including:

  • What types of vehicles libraries does AutoTURN offer?
    • Standard Vehicle Libraries
    • Manufacturer-based Vehicle Libraries
    • Special Transport Vehicles
  • What information is included for each vehicle model?
    • 2D dimensions and turning characteristics (Plan)
    • 3D height and ground clearances (Profile)
  • How are the vehicles represented?
    • Analytic views
    • Realistic views
  • Need to analyze a unique vehicle?
    • Project Support Services
Webinar Info
Presented By
Charles Chalissery, Civil Engineering Technologist
Jan 15, 2019