Enhance Your AutoCAD Civil 3D Site Design Process Using SITE CEM – Recorded

Completing projects on time and on budget can be challenging. To avoid costly design mistakes and conflicts, designers often need accurate 3D models of projects. However:

  • Do you find certain tasks in Civil 3D too difficult and time-consuming?
  • Do you need to model structures but can’t do it in Civil 3D?
  • Does your staff lack proper training to complete modelling tasks?

Come and watch this recorded presentation and learn the benefits of using both SITE CEM and Civil 3D together. We’re here to show you how!

Wesley Butler takes you through a case study of a small water filtration plant on a mountainous site and you’ll see how SITE CEM can enhance your site projects when using Civil 3D.

What You’ll See

  • Importing a Civil 3D surface into SITE CEM and using it as an original ground surface.
  • Creating design pads to model building footprints and a parking lot.
  • Modelling a road surface with cross-falls, cut/fill slopes, and transitioning the road into a parking area.
  • Modelling a retaining wall and the grading around the filtration building.
  • Modelling a water main that connects the water plant to the city.


 What You’ll Learn

  • The strengths of SITE CEM as a 3D civil engineering modelling software.
  • How SITE CEM could be used as part of design workflows.
  • Alternative methods to do tasks in which Civil 3D is too complicated or can’t do well.
  • Seamlessly import and export Land XML files between SITE CEM and Civil 3D.
  • Share models from SITE CEM to any other CAD software, without converting files.



Webinar Info
Presented By
Wesley Butler, Civil Designer
Nov 16, 2017