Diagnosing Pedestrian Crossing Safety using Video-Based Conflict Analysis Techniques


Learn why transportation consultants, Fehr & Peers used new video-based surrogate safety techniques to augment traditional pedestrian safety evaluations at two large multi-modal intersections in California.

Learning Objectives:

  • Challenges with traditional pedestrian safety evaluation techniques
  • Introduction to video-based conflict analysis
  • Case studies showing applications at two large signalized intersections with multi-modal activity
  • Benefits of augmenting traditional road safety studies with near-miss analysis and other surrogate indicators
Webinar Info
Presented By
Catrina Meyer, Transportation Planner at Fehr & Peers - Paul G. St-Aubin, P.Eng., Ph.D., P.Eng., Ph.D., Sr. Product Manager, Transoft Solutions (ITS)
May 26, 2020
11 am PT | 1 pm CT | 2 pm ET