DOT Presentation: TORUS Roundabouts – Recorded



TORUS is the software of choice for planning and designing single, multi-lane and turbo roundabouts for many top North American AEC consulting firms and 14 of the major US DOTs including: Caltrans, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana,  Ohio, Oregon, Alaska, Wisconsin and Washington State. Gain the advantage by investing in industry leading, efficient, cost-effective solutions. 

As a TORUS user, you experience great customer support, CAD-based compatibility, and user-friendly tools, and the distinct advantages the software offers:

  • Parametric/dynamic geometric design and editing, which reduces drafting-related exercises
  •  Real-time feedback and interactive design
  •  Speed and Sight Lines analysis with instant feedback for informed design and editing
  •  Path overlap analysis for multi-lane roundabout designs
  • Integrated vehicle movement checking functionality.
  •  Exporting seamlessly into other vertical CAD platforms for 3D corridor modeling

By upgrading to the latest TORUS version, you’ll see first hand how the software works with:

  • Turbo Roundabouts – Accommodates the Dutch Approach and variations to the methodology 
  • Adaptive Roundabout – For checking vehicle paths and fastest paths at circular and non-circular roundabout.

TORUS Roundabouts is designed to enhance your workflow, allowing you to take on more projects in less time. 


Webinar Info
Presented By
Johann Flores, Product Manager
May 23, 2017