Fundamentals & Best Practices for Proactive Safety Analysis Using Video-Based Analytics


Transportation safety analysis traditionally focuses on historic crash data and records. While this provides a valid method for identifying hotspots and areas of safety concern based on historic events, technology has evolved to allow us to be more proactive in managing safety. Each day, risky behavior events occur on our transportation systems.

These events contain most, if not all, of the same elements that contribute to crashes. Recording and analyzing these events allows us to identify issues that may not show up in crash histories – near-misses and unseen safety issues – and address these issues before the historic records of crashes occur. Join our team in gaining a deeper knowledge of utilizing video-based technologies for transportation safety analysis.

Transportation professionals from engineering, design, operations and planning will learn about the fundamentals, key benefits, and best practices of proactive analysis of dangerous road user behaviors to diagnose safety issues.

Webinar Info
Presented By
Lana Samara, Project Delivery Manager | Paul St-Aubin, Senior Product Manager
May 5, 2022
10am PST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST