GuideSIGN Plus | How to Program Panel Styles – Recorded

We’re going back to basics in this GuideSIGN Plus recorded presentation and show you how to program a Panel Style based on a specification. Join Product Manager, Johann Flores as he walks through the process of creating panel styles which ensure design conformity and consistency.

The benefits of GuideSIGN Plus Panel Styles:

  • Contain ‘the rules’ for a given sign application (e.g. shape & color, border specification, margins, object spacing, text height & font, arrow/shield/symbol specification).
    • GuideSIGN actively manages these rules in the background allowing you to concentrate on the content of the sign.
  • Create custom Panel Styles for new signs not covered in standard that you can use for future applications.
Webinar Info
Presented By
Johann Flores, Product Manager
Jul 26, 2018