Site Design webinar with SITE CEM 2.0

Discover how the new and improved release will streamline site design

Watch the recorded webinar for the new release of SITE CEM 2.0.

For the past year Transoft Solutions has been working with a number of civil engineers with practical experience to improve SITE CEM. We are now excited to announce the release of SITE CEM 2.0 – enhanced to improve productivity of your site design projects. View the recorded presentation and learn all about the new features, additions and enhancements to the latest release.

Civil Designer, Wesley Butler who has over 15 years of experience, shows why the software is a powerful and intuitive tool for engineers and designers for site design projects and modeling. Some of the outstanding features to be demonstrated at the event include:

  • Importing survey data or contour information to create a digital terrain model
  • The creation and manipulation of design pads to envision design geometry as a full 3D civil engineering model
  • Surface grading to complete a design for drainage, along with surface runoff analysis
  • Demonstrating how SITE CEM 2.0 can be used along with ParkCAD to design parking areas
  • Adding essential elements of a civil engineering design as 3D objects like curbs, sidewalks, and retaining walls
  • Exporting a finished surface in Land XML format to use with other software

SITE CEM 2.0 is tailor made for various design applications for different civil engineering disciplines. Whether you are working on open excavation projects (e.g. open pit mines), retaining structures (e.g. dikes), platforms and pads (e.g. oil and gas), or setting up pipe networks – SITE CEM 2.0 can benefit you.



Webinar Info
Presented By
Wesley Butler, Civil Designer
May 2, 2017