Introducing TrafxFLOW | Traffic Insights and Data for your Multimodal Projects


Many traffic engineers, planners and cities rely on turning movement counts to make informed decisions for transportation related problems and issues.

TrafxFLOW is a reliable, efficient tool that allows you to easily and effectively extract turning movement counts, speeds and more to provide you with the best available data to import into your traffic studies.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • How easy it is to extract turning movement counts from videos you have already collected
  • All the different outputs and diagrams that users can extract from TrafxFLOW
  • How the tool has helped road agencies and engineers with their road studies, and how it can help you in future projects/studies
Webinar Info
Presented By
Rajiv Taneja, Senior Account Manager
Nov 9, 2021
11am PT | 1 pm CT | 2 pm ET