Now is the time… Technology is here for Proactive Safety


Do you wonder why we are still waiting for crashes to happen before taking action? Are you on the quest to achieve Vision Zero? Do you strive toward a safer, efficient, and more equitable transportation system?

Recent statistics from around the world tell us that our current approach to managing transportation safety is not working, as we see fatalities and serious injuries increasing on our roadways. We are still too reactive and need to be more proactive. As a result, we see our industry shifting how we address the Vision Zero aspiration by focusing on being proactive rather than reactive. It is critical to embrace a proactive approach to effectively prevent these tragedies from occurring.

Join Karen Giese, P.E., VP, US Business Development and Manel Molina, Account Manager, Traffic Safety, for a special live event where they will discuss the importance of using technologies such as AI Video Technology to make data-driven, proactive, efficient, and measurable decisions to prevent crashes from happening.

What this live session will cover:

  • The Importance of Proactive Safety Right Now – Only way to Zero Deaths.
  • Sector Tailwinds – Unlock Funding and Opportunities to Help Build Safer Cities and Rural Areas.
  • Being Proactive – How Can We Get There?
  • Benefits of Adding this Approach to Your Toolbox – How Technology Makes it Easier and More Efficient to Add Value.

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Webinar Info
Presented By
Karen Giese VP, US Business Development and Manel Molina, Account Manager, Traffic Safety
Apr 26, 2023
10 am PT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET