ParkCAD – Design Truck and Highway Rest Stop Parking Lots – Recorded


In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn how ParkCAD can quickly design parking lots for truck and highway rest stops. You’ll see how easy it is to design a complete parking lot using ParkCAD, SITE CEM, and AutoTURN Pro.

What You’ll See and More

Wesley Butler will use a case study to illustrate how ParkCAD, SITE CEM, and AutoTURN Pro together can easily create and design a truck and highway rest stop parking lot.

  •  Use ParkCAD to create a custom parking standard and use it to quickly and accurately design truck and RV parking. You will also learn how to design parking for normal passenger vehicles.
  • Use SITE CEM for grading and drainage purposes and preliminary cost estimation.
  • Use AutoTURN to analyze and check vehicle turning.


Webinar Info
Presented By
Wesley Butler, Civil Designer
May 24, 2018