ParkCAD 5.0 Launch Event Recorded

ParkCAD 5.0 is the latest release of our industry-tested and trusted parking lot design software. New features have been added to ensure accuracy and to enhance the appearance of your final drawing. Come watch our recorded presentation of our live launch and see what we have in store for this major software release!

Design a basic parking layout in as little as five easy steps. ParkCAD 5.0 will show you how to:

  1. Draw a boundary with your CAD tools
  2. Choose your regional guidelines and the size and angle of your stalls
  3. Create a layout from your boundary or lines
  4. Locate entrances
  5. Add vehicle movements to enhance the final drawing

What You’ll See and More

Wesley Butler will be using a variety of case studies to illustrate ParkCAD’s existing and new features. The new features include:

  • Adding traffic flow arrows with ParkCAD 5.0 to determine the direction of vehicle movement in one-way or two-way traffic.
  • Visualizing vehicle movement and see vehicles entering, circulating around aisles, accessing stalls, and exiting the parking lot.
  • Supporting new regional standards to accommodate more global designs.
  • Creating attractive drawings and adding color by using a library of blocks and hatches to help visualize how a parking lot will fit into the larger site plan.
Webinar Info
Presented By
Wesley Butler, Civil Designer
Mar 21, 2018